• STEAM in the Park

    STEAM in the Park is over! Thanks to all those who showed up and made this amazing event possible! You can read the full event recap here: Read More
  • All Girls Math Tournament

    The All Girls Math Tournament is a project to address the gender inequality in STEM. Learn more about participating in or hosting a tournament in your area! Click the link below to visit the All Girls website! Read More
  • Orange County Math Circle

    Orange County Math Circle is a student-run, nonprofit organization that aims to cultivate interest in mathematics. Read More
  • Orange County Scholar

    Orange County Scholar is a student-run, online newspaper highlighting student achievements across Orange County. Read More
  • Orange County Coder

    Orange County Coder is a a group of high school students dedicated to serving the Orange County community using our programming skills. Read More
  • Orange County Science

    OC Science is a student-run, non-profit organization working to spread interest in science and engineering among youth in Orange County. Read More
  • Orange County Arts

    OC Arts is a student-run, non-profit organization that strives to spread all aspects of arts to the community and help students realize their artistic potential. Read More
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Math for Service is dedicated to providing opportunities in all areas, one of them being math. OC Math Circle aims to better the education of youths all throughout Orange County through mathematical education of the underprivileged and underserved. Look below to learn more about OCMC's many departments.

Math Clubs

OCMC is home to the Elementary School Math Club (grades 4-6), Middle School Math Club (grades 6-8), Santa Ana Math Club (grades 4-8), and Math Team (high school).


Every year, OCMC organizes the Thanksgiving Tournament, New Years Invitational, and All Girls Math Tournament, free to all participants. OCMC also offers AMC 8, 10/12 A, and 10/12 B, as well as AIME I.

Math Problems

OCMC's Problem Writing Committee writes creative and original problems for all three tournaments. These questions challenge students of all ages to test their understanding and knowledge of math.

Problem Book

The OCMC Problem Book contains over 500 problems & solutions and was written by volunteers from the Problem Writing Committee. Hundreds of copies have been sold, in the US and even Europe.


Math for Service also strives to promote learning in the science and engineering fields. OC Coder and OC Science are organizations that aim to accomplish this goal.

Programming Classes

OC Coder's mission is to share their love of computer science with the community. They offer programming classes for elementary/middle and high schoolers. OC Coder organizes the Summer Scratch Sessions and Summer USACO Training Sessions.

OC Coder’s Service & Events

OC Coder's community service department helps seniors gain access to modern technology. Volunteers work with seniors at local senior centers and help them with technological skills. OC Coder also organizes special events like the Hour of Code.

Science Workshops

OC Science's mission is to inspire and spread interest in science & engineering among youth. They offer Science Discovery Workshops which introduce elementary and middle schoolers to the scientific method through fun and educational hands-on experiments.

OC Science’s Service & Events

OC Science organizes many informative and educational events, such as research showcases and events during the Orange County Science and Engineering Week. Volunteers contribute in planning these events and making sure they run smoothly.


Along with math and science, humanities is another area that Math for Service aims to provide more opportunities in for the youth community. OC Scholar is an online, student-run newspaper that aims to promote academic awareness throughout the Orange County area. OC Arts has the mission of "Arts for Help" and "Help for Arts".

A News Source

OC Scholar serves as a news source highlighting local students' achievements in all areas: the arts, humanities, public speaking, math, and science.

Journalism Experience

OC Scholar also provides an opportunity for high school students to gain experience in journalism. The staff develops team building, communication, and responisbility.

"Arts for Help"

OC Arts hopes to continue aiding victims of disasters from all over the world and helping students realize the importance of arts through benefit concerts and other outreach events.

"Help for Arts"

OC Arts strives to spread all aspects of arts to the community and to help students realize their artistic potential. OC Arts showcases students' artistic abilities through their events.