Student Council

Student council is an appointed group of individuals from all Math for Service organizations. These dedicated individuals work together as a team to organize Math for Service events, approve new programs, and maintain the unity of Math for Service organizations through constant communication and consideration. We are extremely thankful for their contributions to the organization and are excited for their future plans for Math for Service. Here is the current council:

Executive Student Council

  • Sherry Xu

    Sherry Xu

    School: Troy High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe her: Dedicated, passionate, genuine
    Years of service at Math for Service: 3 years
    About me: My participation in OCSEF is the biggest reason I am passionate about science today, so I love being able to give back by encouraging other students’ interests in science. I also love working with other Math for Service organizations to create events that explore the intersections of different subjects. I feel lucky to have so many opportunities where I can directly interact with all kinds of people in my community, learn from them, and be inspired by them. I’ve also learned the value of teamwork, as well as how to be a good leader and active citizen. I want to make fun science education accessible in diverse and underserved communities. I hope I can give younger students in my community an opportunity to learn a scientific way of thinking that they can use in their daily lives.

  • Michael Wu

    Michael Wu

    School: University High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe him: Loyal, dedicated, curious
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About Me: My first exposure to STEM came at the 2010 Thanksgiving Math Tournament and in fourth grade, I vividly remember aspiring to be those high school volunteers. Since then, I've been extremely fortunate to be able to give back to the community that I grew up in. Not only have I honed my leadership skills, I have further learned the power of human connection through knowledge. I plan to leave a legacy of innovation through the creation of new programs and events as well as that of bringing the OC Math Circle to a new era of teaching and commitment to our participants.

  • Amy Zhong

    Amy Zhong

    School: University High School, Grade 11
    Three words that describe her: Passionate, logical, committed
    Years of service at Math for Service: 3 years
    About Me: Volunteering for Math for Service has taught me to push myself to become a better teacher, better leader, and a better person. Getting to work with like-minded volunteers to create new opportunities for others is a truly rewarding experience that has taught me a lot about compassion, planning, and teamwork. I plan to continue the work of OC Math Circle and improve the quality of our current events, add new events with a broader reach, and spread the joy and discipline of problem solving and mathematics to the youth of Orange County.

  • Alex Kwon

    Alex Kwon

    School: Sage Hill School, Grade 10
    Three words that describe him: Passionate, responsible, organized
    Years of service at Math for Service: 1.5 years
    About me: I choose to volunteer at Math for Service because it combines my passion for teaching and working with younger students under my two favorite subjects: math and science. I learned that volunteering to teach students really makes a difference in their lives, and we should strive to improve more students' lives in the world. The students' excitement and passion in learning inspire me to volunteer with a strong love and motivated attitude. I plan to contribute my teaching skills, passion in working with younger students, kindness, unique ideas to improve Math for Service, and my ability to work well with others.

  • Matthew Tang

    Matthew Tang

    School: Northwood High School, 12
    Three words that describe him: Organized, resourceful, creative
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me: My goal is to spark interest in computational thinking in the community. MfS has given me the opportunity to serve with those who share the same vision. Over the years, I have gained invaluable skills from teaching strategies, curriculum development and volunteer training. I learned to interface with parents and staff, and oversee year-round operations across all departments. This year, I am leading the efforts to add Senior Centers to the Tech Tutoring program, expand the Hour of Code events, and introduce a JavaScript class for middle school students, increase the reach with Scratch classes and Girls Who Code clubs.

  • Natalie Yee

    Natalie Yee

    School: St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Grade 11
    Three words that describe her: Hard-working, committed, friendly
    Years of service at Math for Service: 3 years
    About me: I have loved math all my life and participated in the All Girls Math Tournament throughout elementary and middle school. Ever since, I have wanted to give back to my community and provide the same opportunity to as many girls as possible. As president of AGMT, I have acquired valuable leadership and communication skills as well as how to be a team player. With first-hand experience of being one of the only girls interested in math, I hope to inspire girls across the country to pursue their passion in math through the annual tournament in addition to classes and activities.

  • Jeff Guo

    Jeff Guo

    School: University High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe him: dedicated, hard-working, strong-willed
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me: I volunteer at MfS because with every student that extracts DNA from a strawberry for the first time, with every student holds up that slime that they just made, with every student finally understands that concept I’m helping them with, I feel the community around me has been made a better place. MfS has taught me the true meaning of leadership. Leadership is not telling people what to do. It is not writing out plans. It is about inspiring confidence and providing a vision for yourself and everyone following you to aspire to, and MfS has made me realize that. I want to make our operations more efficient than ever before. I want to bring MfS operations into the 21st century and beyond using inhouse technologies. And I want to expand our base of operations across all of Orange County, through school chapters and new methods of organization, marketing, and operation.

  • Maggie Zhang

    Maggie Zhang

    School: University High School, Grade 11
    Three words that describe her: Driven, curious, caring
    Years of service at Math for Service: 3 years
    About me: MFS has such an enormous reach and influence to thousands of students in Orange County. I volunteer because I love being able to contribute to this community with likeminded individuals. Before volunteering, I was one of the shyest kids in my school, unable to talk to anyone I didn’t know. Through MFS, I’ve learned how to better communicate my thoughts in order to convey my ideas to other people and improve my leadership. I plan to increase overall event efficiency of events as VP of operations. I aim to clearly direct the webmaster and director of event logistics to allow for more informed and better planned events.

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General Student Council

  • Patrick Liu

    Patrick Liu

    School: University High School, Grade 11
    Three words that describe him are: Curious, Helpful, Steadfast
    Years of Service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me:I love tinkering and trying new things, and that curiosity fortunately landed me in MfS. MfS has strengthened my passion for STEM, and also developed essential skills such as team communication and teaching expertise that helped me to grow as both a volunteer and a student. I will do my best to do what I have done in the past and more: develop hands-on events, influence curious students, and spread the passion of engineering. I foresee the next generation of engineers, and will work closely with my board to cultivate the creativity of our students in the upcoming year.

  • Michelle Xu

    Michelle Xu

    School: Arnold O. Beckman High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe her: Initiator, sociable, devoted
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me: I have been passionate about science ever since I joined my school’s Science Olympiad team in seventh grade. This one opportunity shaped me into who I am today - a science enthusiast and avid researcher - and I want to give back to my community by providing opportunities for other students to experience science. I love volunteering in Math for Service because all the hard work we put in truly does make a difference: students who never conducted research before were able to complete their first project, and students who thought science only involved textbooks were able to experience hands-on activities. Throughout these years, I have learned how to be a proactive leader and valuable team player, and I hope to continue inspiring others in the upcoming year.

  • Michelle Kim

    Michelle Kim

    School: Northwood High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe her: Enthusiastic, hilarious, easy-going
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me: My time with MFS so far has allowed me to take away different skills, such as organizing events, communicating with others, and public speaking. I have also connected with and befriended many other people from different schools who I would not have known if I had not joined MFS. I plan to assist the younger generations of volunteers in their own volunteer learning process, including how to speak professionally to others, write efficient emails, and organize other volunteers.

  • Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu

    School: University High School, Grade 12
    Three words that describe her: Versatile, outspoken, innovative
    Years of service at Math for Service: 4 years
    About me: I chose to volunteer for MfS because it allows me to interact with my community. I enjoy the variety of STEAM activities students offer the community, such as Science Fun Nights. From MfS, I've learned organizational and management skills that will help me with future endeavors at school and beyond. More importantly, I've learned how impressionable and necessary service initiatives are to a curious community. I will continue to dedicate my time and resources to improving OC Launch. I will bring my insight from school clubs and other organizations to be the best volunteer I can be.

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