Web Team

Web team is the group of students, who through their expertise in coding and design, have designed the very website you are looking at. All the updates, news, and information about Math for Service on this website are manages by these trustworthy high school students. Here is our current team:

Web Team

  • Cynthia Qi

    Cynthia Qi

    School: Aliso Niguel High School, Grade 10
    Three words that describe her: Dedicated, productive, thoughtful
    Years of service at Math for Service/Steam for All: 1.5 year
    About Me: I want to help MFS spread out their upcoming events and recent news, in order to introduce MFS to a wider public. Also, I plan to focus more on volunteering various MFS events this year. I am really looking forward to participating the events as a member of the MFS community.

  • William Hsieh

    William Hsieh

    School: Portola High School, Grade 11
    Three words that describe him: Thinker, creator, resourceful
    Years of service at Math for Service: 1.5 year
    About Me: I plan to bring my video production and graphics skills to Math for Service to improve the website, and to create videos to promote Math for Service events and STEAM related events.

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